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Squirrel Brain
Rat Brain

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"A rat will scavenge every opportunity, while a squirrel saves for the future. BE BOTH!"


  • Rat-ify Your Deal Hunting: Use automated tools and alerts to stay informed about discounts and deals such as Retailmenot. 

  • Embrace the Freebies: Rats are opportunists who takes every chance they get when there's something to gain for free. There are countless samples, trial services, and giveaways available online. Utilize those!

  • Master the Salvage System: Rats can work with trash and leftovers. Salvage and repurpose everyday items for reuse or resale. This could mean refurbishing old furniture, clothes, etc.

  • Review and Adapt: Rats adapt to their ever changing environment. Check in with your progress monthly and adjust your strategies if necessary. Remember, the aim is to boost your income without drastically increasing your workload.


  • Squirrel-ize Your Bargain Grabs: : Plan your shopping around sales seasons. Buy in bulk for non-perishable goods when they're discounted.

  • Budget like a Squirrel: Squirrels are experts at managing resources,
    budgeting nuts for the winter.

  • Don't Put All Your Acorns in One TREE!: Squirrels scatter their food storage to reduce risk. This is a reminder not to put all your financial resources into one investment or asset.

  • Stay Informed: Squirrels stay alert and aware of their environment. Stay informed about economic trends and financial news that could affect your financial situation.

  • Invest in Opportunity Zones: Invest in economically-distressed communities for tax benefits.

  • Invest in Your Future: Squirrels work hard in the present to prepare for the future. Start planning and investing for your long-term financial goals now, like retirement.

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