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How I Achieved F.I.R.E.(Financial Independence Retire Early)

Hello! My name is Lucas Thomas of RHM Real Financial Planning

I have a very diverse history that helped create the right-hand man you see today. I got my start in the military and that helped me understand the value of having others to depend on.

It also fostered my wanting to start my own business through my college career and more importantly my journey into never having to work again, especially never having to worry about a paycheck or bill again, and most importantly helping others achieve the same.

In college, I started my first business as a Professional Copywriter where I learned the ins and outs of sales, marketing, and being my own business. Giving me expansive knowledge on how to do taxes, build a businesses from scratch,  pricing products and services, and catering to specific niches to maximize return.

In the realm as a copywriter, I used my degree in economics, business, and international studies to become a Professional Technical Writer able to ghost write for many different clients in the economics, finance, and business fields. In fact, I became so adept at ghostwriting, I was able to expand my technical writing into medical, engineering, and many other complicated subjects as I had the base knowledge to understand what each industry did to write in their voice.

Now, I built this business throughout my college career, but it wasn't until my final years in college where I became a real estate agent because my one friend who knew how good I was at copy-writing that I could work half the hours, but make 10x the money as an agent, and, man, he was RIGHT! But I didn't just become any ol' real estate agent, I became an Investment Real Estate Agent. Accomplishing this by using my knowledge base from years as a technical writer and copywriter to gain the know-how. 

In the coming years, I mastered building real estate

portfolios for my clients, but especially for MYSELF, of:

Rentals(Buy N' Holds)
Fix N' Flips
Seller Finances

Commercial properties
Many more real estate niches

In fact, I was so successful in building real estate portfolios that not only did I achieve F.I.R.E., but so did all my clients. And throughout this period, I expanded my portfolios to include the 3 Pillars of Wealth where I achieved every PILLAR. Now I have multiple businesses and avenues of wealth.

In essence, I've been a Financial Planner for years as I have helped many people to achieve F.I.R.E., and this is what I offer now. The opportunity to escape the rat race, the poverty trap. To achieve your goals and live the life you want, regain CONTROL of your life. That is what I offer.


"I achieved Financial Freedom to the point where I don't even have to work anymore. I'm greatly blessed with what I have now, so I felt the need to PAY IT FORWARD."


For almost a decade, Lucas Thomas has been helping people create wealth, generate passive-income, and ultimately become existence masters.  From Day 1 to Day 7777, Lucas Thomas can help build, implement, and execute your FINANCIAL PLAN to make it a reality.

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For almost a decade, Lucas Thomas has been helping people create wealth, generate passive-income, and ultimately become existence masters.  From Day 1 to Day 7777, Lucas Thomas can help build, implement, and execute your FINANCIAL PLAN to make it a reality. 

Having years of expertise in Real Estate, Paper Assets (Stocks, REITS, Seller Finances, Note-Making, etc.), and Business Creation (Serial Entrepreneur.), he has a holistic knowledge that can help you build your Portfolio of Wealth without having to take on any unnecessary risk. If their is a yield, Lucas Thomas has gleaned it!

Here are just a few examples of "Your Right-Hand" can do for you:


  • Financial Planner - Build-out a Financial Plan to create wealth and create the tomorrow you want

  • Investment Master - Build a Portfolio of the 3 Pillars of Wealth, Real Estate, Paper Assets, and

    • Stay on the Cutting Edge of Investing with Lucas Thomas as he stays up-to-date on everything investment to include: Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.), NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), Stock Market Trends, Major Economic Trends (Politics, Business, International, Wall Street, Science, Technology, and more...!

  • Realtor - Buy, Sell, Lien or Lease any form of Real Estate (Have Real Estate Licenses)

    • Convert your Real Estate into Cashflow by turning them into Rentals

  • Loan Officer - Find Financing for any form of Real Estate (Have Mortgage Licenses)

    • Avoid Paying Taxes with a Cash out Mortgage on your Home, Secondary Home, or Investment Property

  • Retirement Guru - Take it from someone who could retire tomorrow if he liked

    • Don't Outlive Your Money, Prep your Portfolio to Maximize Your Elder Years

  • Estate Actualizer - Build a Legacy to leave your family so they can prosper for generations

  • Tax King - Limit Your Taxes in all the best ways possible


Not having to worry about when your next paycheck is gonna be.

the life
you want

 Not the life you have now, but the one you can have by gaining the financial security that you need.


Doing the things you wanted to do but never seem to have the time.


Having the ability to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do and escape unfulfilling work and an unfulfilling life.


Have something to leave your children and dictate
​how you want to be remembered.

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