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For almost a decade, Lucas Thomas has been helping people create wealth, generate passive-income, and ultimately become existence masters. If ​YOU need help building, implementing, and executing YOUR FINANCIAL PLAN, Lucas can help you make it all a reality.

Having years of expertise in Real Estate, Paper Assets (Stocks, REITS, Seller Finances, Note-Making, etc.), and Business Creation (Serial Entrepreneur.), he has a holistic knowledge that can help you build your Portfolio of Wealth without having to take on any unnecessary risk. If their is a yield, Lucas Thomas has gleaned it!


How I Achieved F.I.R.E.
(Financial Independence and Retire Early)

Sunset Walk

what people say
about lucas...

"Luke has been helping me for years. He helped me become more confident in my finances, overcome $100,000 Student Loan Debt, and gave me the option to RETIRE EARLY. All with the help of his Financial Planning and Advise. He Truly is My RIGHT-HAND Man"


"The way Lucas changed my life, I would probably say, I'm in a financial position to be able to live life in my terms: To work when I want, sleep when I want, travel when I want without having to worry (about money)"


"Luke was referred to me and it was our first call, I can just tell that he knew what he was talking about and have a good direction, and understood real estate and business as a whole. We were able to speak the same language in business, that's why I decided to use Luke"


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