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RHM Real Virtual Summit

Main Speaker: Lucas Thomas "Your RIght-Hand Man in FInancial Planning"


Discover How to Get Out of "Poverty Trap" and Be Financially Independent

These 2 days will free you from the cycle so you can enjoy true financial freedom…



3 Pillars of Wealth: The Tale of 3 Brothers. In this program, we're going over how you can go from 'Perpetually Broke' to the 'Wealthy' stage of your life. There's a reason why you're still stuck in the daily grind and I'm going to point out what you can do differently to be financially secure.

The Money DoJo: How to Harness the Power of Money. Someone has to break the truth to you, one of the main reasons you're not reaching your financial goals sooner is your money discipline. I believe you can break the cycle, and when you sign up, I can teach you the easy strategies to



Master of the Yield: How to Achieve F.I.R.E. Financially Independent, Retire Early, it's a lifestyle we all want to have in the future. Believe it or not, in this program I can help you achieve financial independence and the ability to retire earlier than you expected.

Legacy: How Will People Remember You. After I guide you toward reaching a level of financial security that will both provide you with a comfortable life and allow you to leave wealth as a part of your legacy, you will also learn how how to ensure that your affairs are managed and continue to prosper after they've been passed on. This effective financial strategy is called "Legacy Planning."


Additionally, not only can you leave your beneficiaries your wealth, but you can also train them to be financially independent, just like you will be.

RHM Real Virtual Summit

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